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2nd-Jul-2014 12:26 am - Let's Play a Game
x-files:scully TTIOT
(I was encouraged to post this here, but if it's inappropriate for the comm, please delete the post with my apologies.)

Welcome to my disturbed mind where there are no wrong answers and the prizes are nonexistent. Today's game is fuck, marry, kill, and the characters of "The X-Files" are our contestants. The top five My answers are behind the cut.

(Follow the dancing agents...) 
Groovy agents
30th-Jun-2014 11:00 am - phi phenomenon
iwtb beard
Title: Phi Phenomenon
Author: melissaisdown
Rating: M
Spoilers: Uh, everything I guess.
Timeline: Any time after The Truth
Summary: Mulder and Scully are in a sexual relationship. A video camera is involved. Sprinkles of substance on top of a confection of smut. (aka) Mulder and Scully make a porno.

Author's Notes: At entry, here:

And why did she never wear dresses at the FBI? It was always suits and long skirts and shoulder pads. In this dress she's home. She's his.Collapse )

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
all the leaves are brown and the sky is
Didn't someone here mention that they wanted more activities? You are invited to the first annual mini-rewatch at xf_book_club .

Mini-rewatch June 21-27

We'll watch seven episodes in seven days, beginning tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. PDT. Yes, tomorrow. I'm feeling spontaneous.

June 21: "Ice"
June 22: "Little Green Men"
June 23: "Humbug"
June 24: "Pusher"
June 25: "Quagmire"
June 26: "Detour"
June 27: "Small Potatoes"

Why these episodes? I took the suggestions from this list, subtracted the episodes we discussed at xf_is_love and scully_fest . Then I threw in "Humbug" and put back "Little Green Men."

There will be fanfic recs for the episodes, assuming I have any. There is a banner at the community. Please publicize this everywhere. You don't have to have to be a member or even have an account here to participate. Anonymous commenting is enabled. I hope to see you there.
15th-Jun-2014 03:25 pm - The X-Files Files Podcast
X-F - Frohike Win

I Listened to this new podcast this morning. It is pretty good even if they mix stuff up that happens in episodes, but they know quite a lot about the show and the fandom. The host is a guy who watched the show as a kid and who used to buy the season books and print out discussions threads from newsgroups. He uses fandom words like "ship" so you can tell he's one of us.

And a big plus in my book they don't overuse "like","literally","totally","so" and sundries speech farts, which are my current podcast pet peeve (looking at you Game of Thrones)

A nice little trip down nostalgia lane. I hope they do many more.
13th-Jun-2014 08:18 pm - It's Awfully Quiet Mr. Mulder...
X-F - Mulder Bored
I'm just posting for the Hell of it, because this place hasn't had a post in 3 months and this is ridiculous. I know our fandom has gone back to being cult and that we are a dying breed, but come on! Even Scully is rolling her eyes at this. Observe:


Have you guys all moved on? Have you all migrated to Tumblr or somewhere else? Haven has been down for 3 days and I haven't heard a peep about it on the interwebz.

Do I need to post a Gif of Mulder in his Speedo to get a little life around here?
15th-Feb-2014 05:47 pm - A Scully Fest Challenge
scully fest
Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, we at Scully Fest thought it would be fun to issue the same challenge to the fandom. You can post the stories as a comment to this post, either in a comment or a link. You can post your story on your day if you signed up for one. You can even still sign up for a day since several have opened up. Or if you'd rather, you can wait for her birthday free-for-all day.

 photo 5b1b192c-32ac-4a08-ae65-d3aea5130cb3_zps17e09eb7.jpg

In conclusion,

16th-Jan-2014 11:47 am - Scully Fest!
Scully Green
This year, our favorite character, Dana Katherine Scully, is turning fifty. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

In her honor, tree and I made a LiveJournal community. And there is a tumblr now too,[ profile] scullyfest, which you can follow for updates.

A celebration for Dana Scully's 50th birthday!

It's for ten days only, so we're allowing multiple signups; right now, it's two people per day. To participate, all you need to do is claim a date and then post a new Scully-centric fanwork(s) on your day. You can post fanart, fanfic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, meta, or even a memoir telling how us how Scully influenced your life. As long as it's celebrating Scully, it will be welcomed. If you already know you won't be able contribute a fanwork or essay, join anyway so you can watch and cheer us on.

If you want to help publicize this, you can snag this handy code. If you prefer, the code for just this image and a smaller version can be found at the community on LJ. Thanks to monanotlisa for making these banners for us. ♥

X-F - Frohike Win
The xf_santa gifts were released yesterday.


There are a whopping 30 of them including fics, a vid, icons, posters, fanart, and even a podcast.

Go read, comment and spread the XF love.

Voila. :)
X-F - To The End

Time to call the Bounty Hunter, Mulder is in a submarine again!!!

I'll get the popcorn.
I love cheetahs, and Laurie Marker does great work, so I'm very excited to see Gillian Anderson partnering with CCF.

30th-Dec-2013 09:48 am - Gillian Anderson on Johnathan Ross.
X-F - Score
Just in case you guys missed this. GA taking the mickey out of David Beckham was hilarious.


24th-Dec-2013 04:19 pm - The Way That Light Attaches To A Girl
XF - Clink
SUMMARY: Maybe she’s not so bad, this gingery little doctor.

RATING: PG (language)


DISCLAIMER: Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement. Proceed at your own risk. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. For recreational purposes only. Driver does not carry cash. And, as always, thank you for choosing Aloysia Airlines for your direct flight from 1013 to fanfic.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thank you to maybe_amanda and the kindness of strangers in general.

Mulder reads Cicero and finds the method of loci tool useful in honing an eidetic memory.

Area 51, Reticulans, ectoplasm, and jackalopes. )
2nd-Dec-2013 07:25 pm - Lacuna
Gillian - 3/4 Profile
SUMMARY: I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you. (The Civil Wars, Poison and Wine)



DISCLAIMER: Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement. Proceed at your own risk. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. For recreational purposes only. Driver does not carry cash. And, as always, thank you for choosing Aloysia Airlines for your direct flight from 1013 to fanfic.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thank you to The Right Honorable Fangirls Drinking and Debating Society for the encouragement, to maybe_amanda for being an outstanding beta and person in general, to wendelah1 for having a kind and nurturing spirit far beyond that which I deserve, and to fuckyeahdavidgillian for sucking me back in.

The word lacuna means a missing piece or unfilled space, and is also the Spanish word for crib.

Spoiler alert: This ends in an RST-type place despite initial evidence to the contrary.

( Part 1 )     ( Part 2 )     ( Part 3 )
30th-Nov-2013 12:38 am - Drift of Eastern Gray
X-F - Scully Asleep



SPOILERS: all things, FTF, Field Trip.

DISCLAIMER: You're no longer using them, Chris, and they're just too pretty to die.

SUMMARY: My take on what happened after Scully fell asleep in 'all things'.

"Is this a follow up to your epiphany?"
all the leaves are brown and the sky is
 photo 01bf458e-14e0-47eb-8b1f-90385a9cfcdb_zps89909416.jpg

The X-Files Gift Exchange, xf_santa , is open to fanfic, podfic, fanart, and fanvids; on the fic side, anything goes—all we ask for is a minimum word count of 750, that kinks are tagged, and warnings included.

Sign-ups: November 15-25. Sign up post.
Due: January 6, 2014; default date is December 29.
Posting: January 6.

To SIGN UP, all you need to do is add a comment to the sign-up post containing your request by the 25th of November. No separate posts this year! Everything stays in one place so the mods stay organized.

RESPONSES to gift requests are to be posted by January 6, in a separate entry to the community, preferably by your LiveJournal (or validated open id) user name of choice. The entries will go into a moderation queue until the reveal. All entries will be unveiled by the mods at the same time once every participant has a gift.

I hope to see to see you there!
X-F - Your shit my fan
During the Reddit AMA someone asked GA if she'd read any fanfiction, she replied that a friend had advised her against it so she hadn't. DD replied that Nic Lea had shown him a page that turned out to be a Krycek/Mulder slash site.

I think if you add this to the nervous smiles of CC and Spotnitz whenever someone ask them about fanfiction it is safe to assume that DD, GA and the boys at 1013 all think that XF fanfic is nothing but a whole lot of embarassing porn.

But you,  all of you who have been hanging out in this fandom for years, you know that our fanfic is not just about smut, right? Yes, as in many fandoms there is a big proportion of porn and teen wish fulfilment drivel, but we also have - especially in the XF fandom, a whole lot of excellent stories written by very talented people - yes some have mature content in the same way some HBO shows do. If Game of Thrones isn't being dimissed as an empty smut fest, why should we? The list of brilliant stories discussed on the xf_book_club is a pretty damn good proof of what this fandom can achieve in terms of quality.

So I'm angry, I'm angry because whenever I see comments like the Reddit one, I realise that those people don't have the first clue that for the past 20 years, we've kept Mulder and Scully alive with our stories. Fanfic writers are one of the reasons  - if not the main reason - this fandom hasn't shriveled up and died many years ago. Instead we're being treated with contempt, like a shameful lecherous uncle who should remain unmentionned.

I think we should come up with a list of stories we're proud of. And I think next time there is an event or a convention or whatnot, instead of asking DD and GA the name of their favourite episode or how it felt to eat that bug for the nth time, we should hand them our list of stories and set the record straight once and for all - that there is more to us than the obssesive bunch of pervert Google search engines make us to be.

Story tellers, that's what we are first and foremost. That's what we've been for 20 years.

Rant over. Post the stories you would nominate below. (If anybody from the XF bookclub sees this, it would be great if you could come up with a list too.)
16th-Oct-2013 04:35 pm - They're Heeeere!
X-F- Don't Mess With The Mothership

I never thought I'd see these two on a cover again. Awww...don't they just look adorable?
It makes me want to do X-filey things again. It's been too damn long.

Edited because I just noticed she's wearing Scully's cross! Double awwww.
14th-Oct-2013 01:07 am - It was Kismet...
X-F - Get Over Here
Hence spoke DD about reading his lines with Gillian before their respective auditions for the roles of Moose and Squirrel. :)

Here are links to the most excellent, hilarious GA & DD panel which took place yesterday at the Paley Centre. I'm told this is much better than the ComicCon panel which GA & DD also attended, for which there is sadly no vids (well up til now, it might change.) Anyway when I found out about this, I felt like I had little butterlies flukemen in my stomach. Gillian's laughter hasn't changed. I think the last time I heard it in its full glory was back in the bloopers days. (back when there was no YouTube and we had to send VHS tapes to each other.)

Doesn't that make you sad nostalgic? It makes me sad nostalgic. *g* But trust me you'll laugh out loud at least once.

The X-Files 20th Event (password is XF2013)

Here's a you tube version. The quality is not as good as the Vimeo one.

And here's a download link. (Thanks to Abbey from Haven.)

There was also an AMA on Reddit also yesterday:
"Gillian Anderson here. I brought David Duchovny with me."

Happy 20th Birthday my fellow Philes!!! XX
XF - old school
I've been rewatching S5-S9 of The X-Files recently, and thought I'd share the notes I made about each season:

Season 5
Season 6 and Fight the Future
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9 and I Want to Believe

(earlier seasons can be found on my rewatch tag)
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