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Spoiler - Who's In And Who's Not

OK, so Mulder and Scully are back on deck but what about Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes? Have they been re-enlisted?

According to actress Annabeth Gish, no, neither her or Robert Patrick will appear in the new “X-Files” sequel.

The actress – who you’ll all remember had her tiny little heart broken in the 80s masterpiece “Mystic Pizza” – tells X-Files News that though her character Reyes and Patrick’s character Doggett don’t appear in the new film, Chris Carter, the film’s director, has promised them roles in the next film… should it happen.

The site's source says, "I ran into Annabeth Gish at "The Business of Being Born" premiere in Los Angeles last night. She confirmed that neither her or Robert Patrick would be appearing in the second X-Files movie. She did say that Chris told her that if the second movie does well, she'll be in the next one."

What about Skinner? is he back in this one?

source: http://www.moviehole.net/news/20080118_annabeth_gish_robert_patrick_i_1.html
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