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Oh no, not another video/picture post!

Oooh yes it is. Pictures first!


Sit down, you crazy kids...
Sit down, you crazy kids.

Is she, she giving me the raspberry?
Is she giving me the raspberry?

David is pleased with his microphone. Gillian seems to be eating hers.
Eating a microphone...

Either that's just the camera angle, or Duchovny has the longest arms in the world.

"Hey, HEY. Quit giggling over there."
What did you call me?

Gillian scouts for land in the distance

Never before had I ever wanted to be a water bottle.
I"d, uh, like to be that bottle.

One of the videos posted here was already of Gillian's favorite episode being Bad Blood, but...uh, have it from a different angle! (sorry for the shakiness...I was running on coffee and you can hear me whisper "Damnit! Get down!" to the guy in front of me...oops)

And...hell, this was probably posted already too (I'm late to the posting party), but David telling us all to listen to the voices in our heads (Mine says "drink beer now").

Man, these look like doodie since youtube compressed them. They were crystal clear a moment ago!
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