silver_chipmunk (silver_chipmunk) wrote in xfiles,

So we come to the end

Think they are counting on another season after this? That was some cliff-hanger!
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I usually hate being even a little spoiled, but I'm glad I saw this before seeing the ep. I can't believe they left it where they did!

I liked a lot of this. I have no idea if the science-y aspects were even attempting to be accurate, even in a TV-land sort of way.

I wish we had seen M&S together saving the world. And I so wish it had been Scully taking charge, not looking so scared.

And, um, could she not be yapping away and just give Mulder the IV already? Sheesh!

Loved seeing Monica again. She looks the same!

Wow, they really did leave us there.

The dialogue was AWFUL, even by Chris Carter standards. And as someone on Twitter pointed out, you don't make a vaccine to cure people who are already sick.

Parts of it were pretty decent, though. I'm left unsure as to how much I actually want more XF, considering the revival as a whole. I'm always interested in more Mulder and Scully, but I would prefer if CC let others write for it, and he doesn't seem interested in doing that.
you don't make a vaccine to cure people who are already sick.

Anyone want to bet William is driving that spaceship? Or on it, at least?

I don't know how I feel overall, re: the revival. It was... Well, I loved seeing M&S on the screen again (and Skinner!). There were some brilliant moments. But if it does come back, I'd agree that I would really love it if Chris Carter were much less involved in the writing.

Deleted comment

I have to admit, weighing the revival overall, it started off strong and I was excited, but this ... I am honestly not feeling it. I didn't like that Mulder and Scully were separated for most of the episode, I'm unsure what I think of what has become of Reyes, and I don't fully like what they've done with CSM. I know I felt in the season 9 finale that he had changed and not for the better; I had the sense that he had rather tipped off the deep end, whereas he had always seemed sane before. He still seems nuts in the revival. I always thought that he was working to prevent alien colonization in whatever twisted ways he deemed necessary, so if I try to figure out what he's doing now and have it be IC, I would have to guess that he thinks human/alien hybrids are the only beings strong enough to fight back against alien takeover. The only problem is, that's ... really not how he's coming across. I see no point in killing off everyone else, even by his standards. I think he's really and completely gone cuckoo and Chris Carter has demonstrated more of how he just pulls things out of thin air, like he admitted he does.

I am also not impressed with that ending. At first I thought maybe it was real aliens that were actually coming to rescue them, but that looks like the spaceship from the first revival episode. Maybe it's actually come to kill them. Not a happy place to leave off, especially if FOX doesn't order anything more.

There were so many things they could have done differently all throughout the revival. I am seriously bummed about the Lone Gunmen, too. I think maybe I'd like that season 10 comic book series better than this.
I'm late to the party again.

At first I didn't like the revival much, but it really grew on me. And I'm surprisingly happy with this episode, considering that out of the 3 things I wanted I only got 1. Finally we got to see what we would have gotten in 2012. But they didn't give us the post-Roswell aliens back and we didn't get to see William. I'm so glad that I saw this post and thus was forewarned about the cliffhanger! The stupid UFO didn't even do anything before the ep ended, like prove that aliens have been there after Roswell or give us William ex machina or beam Scully aboard (in which case I hoped she'd leave the IV bag on the bridge)!