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The X-Files: Believe Again
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1st-Apr-2015 12:48 pm - More X-Files Season 10 News
Midnight Beast

I like this idea, though William B. Davis must be about 75 by now. I was worried I'd find out he'd passed away and I hadn't known.
[xf] the original

The X Files is coming back!

Now let's start a party or something!!!!

ETA: Sorry about the size of the picture... I'm too excited to look for another atm.
18th-Jan-2015 10:53 am - X-Files Reboot?

I'm hopeful - hopefully it won't end up ruining things and they'll just pick things up from where the last movie left off. They might render the recent comic books as non-canon, and they need to get David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back.

I can imagine Robert Patrick not doing it as I seem to imagine him being busy with other things, but if none of them are around I can imagine the stars being Reyes and someone else and it would feel weird.

Fingers crossed - I've dreamt for years that this became a reality.
18th-Jan-2015 01:49 am - FOX confirms 'X-Files' Reboot Talks
Pilot! Scully
Fox’s new agenda is looking a lot like their old one. Confirming some prior reports, the network’s leadership says they are seriously chasing a reboot of The X-Files and are possibly interested in bringing back Prison Break too (along with yet another edition of 24 as well — but that’s another story).
Read more...Collapse )
1st-Nov-2014 01:04 am - The Fall Season 2 - HELL YEAH!
Cali - Worship

Oh my.
She looks so badass...be still my heart.
In my perfect world, Stella Gibson and Dana Scully are related, possibly through their great aunt Olive.

The Fall season 2 starts on November the 13th. 11/13, I see what you did there Beeb.
31st-Aug-2014 01:19 pm - The Darkness Within
X-F - Eye
(First posted on Haven)

Moose and Squirrel - before being declawed and tamed by scores of fic writers intent on giving them the white picket fence happiness they were never designed for in the first place - were pretty dark and tortured characters to begin with. A given, considering how much crap they went through in the show.

Back in the days many fic writers explored that dark path and gave us many incredible stories, the quintessential one being, of course, the infamous Iolokus. Stories where the characters' traumas weren't swept under the carpet of True Love (TM) Hot Sex, Domestic Life and Fat Babies. Stories where bad things happened to good people.

They were stories such as:

Arizona Highway by Fialka
Secret World by Bonetree
Grace Realized by Michaela
Injuries to The Spirit by Mystphile
The Mill by Cofax

...to name just a few off the top of my head.

In these stories Mulder and Scully were flawed and damaged. Years of turmoil and horrors weren't cured with a kiss and a soft bed. They had issues with one another, they argued and fought. They could be unfair, cruel, monstrous even - their claustrophobic co-dependency toxic, yet unavoidable. They suffered, battled illnesses both mental and physical, and sometimes they even died. Some stories made a point of reminding us how dangerous their job really was - that the human monsters could be worse than the alien ones. But their spirit shone nevertheless through it all, pure and bright, that elusive spark of magnificence that made them - well, you know, THEM.

As a reader I always found those tales much more emotionally rewarding than those of the bunnies and rainbow - Mulder and Scully in love forever in their pretty house with their pretty children - aw, look he has his mother's eyes and his father's nose - variety.

No pain no gain, uh?

I guess my question is: have you read such stories? Do you enjoy them? Can you rec the ones that stayed with you?
26th-Aug-2014 03:42 pm - X-Files is Love Month Signups Open
Trees, Detour
We need more activities for X-Philes at LiveJournal, right?

Signups are open for The X-Files is Love, a month-long multimedia celebration of The X-Files where each participant claims a date and then posts some new X-Files related fanworks on their day. This can be fic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, a memoir of your days in the X-Files fandom, or pretty much anything as long as it's new and original. You can do as little or as much as you want - the day is yours!

 photo xf-is-love2banner_zpsa6e7b81b.jpg

Here is the signup post.
Here is the banners post if you want to help get the word out.

There will be a mini-rewatch again. This year we're doing season two in honor of the 20th anniversary of--season two!
26th-Jul-2014 11:17 pm - Roleplaying?
Haunted Bookstore
Hi *waves* First time poster, long time X-Phile. :)

I'm happy to see that the X-Files fandom is still alive and while maybe not as active as it had been in the heyday, still very present in the fandom universe. I've been a Phile since 1998...I watched "Chinga" because Stephen King wrote it and was immediately hooked. And now I'm doing another start to finish rewatch of the series, which I do about every five years or so. Getting to the point, all of that rewatching and seeing the mytharc unfold, Mulder and Scully's relationship develop, the characters grow and change is making me crave one of my favorite fandom activites...roleplaying!

It's fairly easy to find RPGs, but it is taking a bit of work to find partners who want to use the X-Files fandom. I guess I'm gauging the interest for one of two things: 1) Starting an group game or 2) Starting a group where people can find other players for one on one or small group games.

Does anyone here still have the X-Files muses yearning to break free? :)
X-F - Score
There will be a live broadcast of Gillian Anderson's new play "A Streetcar Named Desire" at selected venues around the globe on September the 16th. In the meantime check out this great rehearsal shot of GA as Blanche DuBois.
More info here.
2nd-Jul-2014 12:26 am - Let's Play a Game
x-files:scully TTIOT
(I was encouraged to post this here, but if it's inappropriate for the comm, please delete the post with my apologies.)

Welcome to my disturbed mind where there are no wrong answers and the prizes are nonexistent. Today's game is fuck, marry, kill, and the characters of "The X-Files" are our contestants. The top five My answers are behind the cut.

(Follow the dancing agents...) 
Groovy agents
30th-Jun-2014 11:00 am - phi phenomenon
iwtb beard
Title: Phi Phenomenon
Author: melissaisdown
Rating: M
Spoilers: Uh, everything I guess.
Timeline: Any time after The Truth
Summary: Mulder and Scully are in a sexual relationship. A video camera is involved. Sprinkles of substance on top of a confection of smut. (aka) Mulder and Scully make a porno.

Author's Notes: At entry, here:

And why did she never wear dresses at the FBI? It was always suits and long skirts and shoulder pads. In this dress she's home. She's his.Collapse )

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
all the leaves are brown and the sky is
Didn't someone here mention that they wanted more activities? You are invited to the first annual mini-rewatch at xf_book_club.

Mini-rewatch June 21-27

We'll watch seven episodes in seven days, beginning tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. PDT. Yes, tomorrow. I'm feeling spontaneous.

June 21: "Ice"
June 22: "Little Green Men"
June 23: "Humbug"
June 24: "Pusher"
June 25: "Quagmire"
June 26: "Detour"
June 27: "Small Potatoes"

Why these episodes? I took the suggestions from this list, subtracted the episodes we discussed at xf_is_love and scully_fest. Then I threw in "Humbug" and put back "Little Green Men."

There will be fanfic recs for the episodes, assuming I have any. There is a banner at the community. Please publicize this everywhere. You don't have to have to be a member or even have an account here to participate. Anonymous commenting is enabled. I hope to see you there.
15th-Jun-2014 03:25 pm - The X-Files Files Podcast
X-F - Frohike Win

I Listened to this new podcast this morning. It is pretty good even if they mix stuff up that happens in episodes, but they know quite a lot about the show and the fandom. The host is a guy who watched the show as a kid and who used to buy the season books and print out discussions threads from newsgroups. He uses fandom words like "ship" so you can tell he's one of us.

And a big plus in my book they don't overuse "like","literally","totally","so" and sundries speech farts, which are my current podcast pet peeve (looking at you Game of Thrones)

A nice little trip down nostalgia lane. I hope they do many more.
13th-Jun-2014 08:18 pm - It's Awfully Quiet Mr. Mulder...
X-F - Mulder Bored
I'm just posting for the Hell of it, because this place hasn't had a post in 3 months and this is ridiculous. I know our fandom has gone back to being cult and that we are a dying breed, but come on! Even Scully is rolling her eyes at this. Observe:


Have you guys all moved on? Have you all migrated to Tumblr or somewhere else? Haven has been down for 3 days and I haven't heard a peep about it on the interwebz.

Do I need to post a Gif of Mulder in his Speedo to get a little life around here?
15th-Feb-2014 05:47 pm - A Scully Fest Challenge
scully fest
Back in the day, there was an X-Files community, meaning a mailing list, called Scullyfic. In 2001, the list administrator Jill Selby issued a challenge: write a 155 word story about Dana Scully. You can read the stories that resulted at Scully in 155. The fics are not all exactly 155 words: some are a little longer, some shorter.

In honor of her upcoming 50th birthday, we at Scully Fest thought it would be fun to issue the same challenge to the fandom. You can post the stories as a comment to this post, either in a comment or a link. You can post your story on your day if you signed up for one. You can even still sign up for a day since several have opened up. Or if you'd rather, you can wait for her birthday free-for-all day.

 photo 5b1b192c-32ac-4a08-ae65-d3aea5130cb3_zps17e09eb7.jpg

In conclusion,

16th-Jan-2014 11:47 am - Scully Fest!
Scully Green
This year, our favorite character, Dana Katherine Scully, is turning fifty. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

In her honor, tree and I made a LiveJournal community. And there is a tumblr now too,[tumblr.com profile] scullyfest, which you can follow for updates.

A celebration for Dana Scully's 50th birthday!

It's for ten days only, so we're allowing multiple signups; right now, it's two people per day. To participate, all you need to do is claim a date and then post a new Scully-centric fanwork(s) on your day. You can post fanart, fanfic, graphics, icons, vids, podfic, essays, meta, or even a memoir telling how us how Scully influenced your life. As long as it's celebrating Scully, it will be welcomed. If you already know you won't be able contribute a fanwork or essay, join anyway so you can watch and cheer us on.

If you want to help publicize this, you can snag this handy code. If you prefer, the code for just this image and a smaller version can be found at the community on LJ. Thanks to monanotlisa for making these banners for us. ♥

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