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The X-Files Icons 10x03 - 10x06 (MS)

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                                THE X-FILES 10x03 - 10x06 ICONS

01 - 03

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01 - 04
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01 - 04
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Shall we talk?

Since there's still people here, shall we discuss what we'd like to see in the new season of X-files? Aside from a resolution of the cliff-hanger ending of the last season, that is.

I want to see some more supernatural episodes. And I want to see Skinner.

Anyone have any thoughts?
david bowie oh my

Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering if this community is still active and flourishing. Any members out there still watching and participating in this community? If so add me fellow Agents and we can be x-Files friends! ^_^

Hope you all are doing well!

Fic: Parasite - A Season 5 "missing episode"

Title: Parasite
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Rating: T
Characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner
Pairing: Mulder & Scully
Genre: Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, Horror
Length: ~38K words (when completed)
Chapters: 6/7
Status: In progress (really it's completed, but I'm releasing it over the course of a week)

Story Summary: It's 1997 and Scully is weary, fighting her battle with cancer. Mulder, investigating alone, falls prey to a parasite that leaches energy from his mind, and now they must fight to save his sanity. A missing episode from Season 5, teeming with the UST we all revel in. :)

Rated T for thematic elements and violence.

Read Parasite on
Read on AO3