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TV Guide 1996: X-Files Special

So, I'm not usually the kind of fan that collects merchandise... but I do have one weakness: TV Guides.

A few days ago, I bought my first X-Files TV Guide. This classic bit of XF history is from 1996, and features a six-page article! I have scanned all the pages, and provide them here for your enjoyment. More under the cut...

There were a few X-Files TV Guides to choose from on e-bay, and I will probably buy them all eventually, but for my first one, I couldn't resist this gorgeous Mulder and Scully cover! As you can tell, it's the "New Jersey Cable Edition" TV guide from April 6-12, 1996.

Ah, 1996. X-Files was only in it's 3rd season, and I was just six years old. This TV guide has all the wonderful hallmarks of that time. From the fashion (Oh David, what is with that white suit with gold buttons?) to the now kind of ironic promise from Chris Charter that Mulder and Scully will never become romantically involved.

The article is of course old news, but it's funny, and it's kind of lovely to walk down memory lane, and remember (or in my case, imagine) what being a fan was like nearly fifteen years ago...

I've scanned the pages as best I could, without bending the spine. Click the thumbnails for full-sized.

Some High-Lights from the Article:

"9 Sometimes There's Sub-text
Die-hard X-philes love to plumb the show for hidden meanings. Carter says he was especially amused by an Internet discussion over a scene in this season's "Paper Clip," where, after a tense moment, Mulder and Scully exchanged smiles and entered an elevator. The ride down wasn't shown. "There was a lot of energy and imagination expended on what actually happened inside the elevator once they got on," Carter says, adding that much of the speculation was sexual. So, what really happened on that elevator ride? Carter isn't talking: "I plead the Fifth.""

"10 And Sometimes There's No Subtext
Another hotly debated topic: the signifigance of the number 42, Mulder's apartment number. Carter claims it has none, but Duchovny begs to differ. "Actually, it does," the actor says. "It's the age I'm going to be when I finally get to leave this show." (Note to Carter: Duchovny was smiling when he said that). Duchovny, 35, adds that Internet enthusiasts have a tendancy to sometimes get out of control. During one discussion, perplexed fans tried to figure out why Scully never adjusts the car seat after the much taller Mulder has been driving."That was probably the last time I looked at the Internet," Duchovny says. "I didn't want to see myself scrutinized in such a fashion.""

[Lex's Note: I think David was almost right. If my maths is correct, XF ended in 2002, and thats the year he turned 42...*cue spooky opening credits music*]

"15 The Truth About the Cricket
It was widely reported last year that Anderson ate a live cricket in an episode about circus freaks. But while she did put the insect in her mouth, she didn't swallow it. "I didn't even taste is," she says with a shrug. "It was just kind of wriggling around in my mouth, and then I spit it out."

"20 Three Things That Will Never Happen on The X-Files
"You'll never see Mulder and Scully romantically involved" Carter says. "You'll never see Scully and Skinner romantically involved. And you'll never see Mulder and Skinner romantically involved." So, Even though Anderson has said that it would be great if Mulder and Scully had an encounter in the series' final episode, does Carter reject the idea out of hand? "I do," he says. "But I'll qualify that by saying that it's a show on which anything is possible."

[Lex's Note: Ah, I laughed so hard at the end there. Oh Chris, if only you knew what you'd be writting just a few years later...]
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