Rachel Cobleigh (reveilles) wrote in xfiles,
Rachel Cobleigh

Fic: Parasite - A Season 5 "missing episode"

Title: Parasite
Author: Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Rating: T
Characters: Mulder, Scully, Skinner
Pairing: Mulder & Scully
Genre: Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, Horror
Length: ~38K words (when completed)
Chapters: 6/7
Status: In progress (really it's completed, but I'm releasing it over the course of a week)

Story Summary: It's 1997 and Scully is weary, fighting her battle with cancer. Mulder, investigating alone, falls prey to a parasite that leaches energy from his mind, and now they must fight to save his sanity. A missing episode from Season 5, teeming with the UST we all revel in. :)

Rated T for thematic elements and violence.

Read Parasite on Fanfiction.net
Read on AO3

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