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Please read the rules and most recent posts before you submit a post to the queue.

All posts must enable comments and not be friends locked! If you disable them or lock your post, we will not approve/delete your post.

If we can type your questions' key words into Google and find the answer, we will not approve your post. The same goes if we can scroll back in this community a few pages and find the exact same question. This is a community for discussion. If you have a question that you just cannot find the answer to on your own, please post it and we'll try to help you out. However, this is not a place to post because you are feeling too lazy to find the answer yourself or because you feel like posting a passing thought.

Posting Fanworks
Icons, headers, and wallpapers should be posted to xf_icons, not here. We will no longer accept graphics posts. We DO allow picspams and fanvids. If you're not sure about something, please contact us.

Fic may be posted, following this format: A header with title, rating, and necessary warnings (non-con, etc). You may leave the first 3 lines above the cut, but the rest should be behind it.

We do not allow fic that was written for a specific LJ based challenge to be cross-posted here. Please head over to xfilesfanfic where they would love to have some more fic posted.

RPF should be posted over at homeby_five.

Other Communities
If you would like to advertise a new community here, please contact us first. We like to know who we are advertising and (somewhat)endorsing.

If you are hosting a challenge community, you may have one post to advertise that it is beginning or people can join, and one further post to announce that fic/icons/whatever are now being posted. If something comes up and you have some kind of urgent situation and need to get info out to people, please contact us and we can sort something out.

Please refrain from posting:
- one line episode squeeing. If you are really loving an episode, make a post asking what people thought about it or about a particular aspect of it. We want this place to be a forum for discussion.
- episode schedules. If people want to watch, they'll seek it out for themselves.
- that you just bought DVDs, that you just saw a guy who looked exactly like Tom Braidwood, that season 5 is so totally awesome, that Mulder is so hot, etc. Random drive by posts aren't the way to go. Invite people into your conversation and try to make your posts engaging and good for the whole community.
- updates to your own communities. If people want to know when your community is updated, they will join THAT community.
- something vaguely related to the show in a really tiny and obscure way. You'll know it when it happens.

Please ensure that what you are posting is of value to the community at large and that you are not using the community when you should be using your personal journal.

We reserve the right to reject or delete posts that break these rules, so please follow them and contact a mod if you have any questions.

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